Sex Trafficking In Cambodia – Stacey Dooley Documentary

In this video, there are interviews with a couple of young Cambodians who were trafficked for sex in their early teens. The violence in their stories may seem shocking, but it’s also quite typical, unfortunately.

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Increase In Women Forced Into Japanese Porn Industry

I just came across a very good radio report about how young women in Japan are conned into entering the adult entertainment industry.

You can listen to Rachel Mealey’s report here.

When I lived in Tokyo, I used to arrange to meet friends outside Tsutaya/Starbucks opposite Hachiko Square in Shibuya and, on almost every occasion, saw well-dressed men approaching young women to ask if they’re interested in becoming models, actresses or appearing on TV. When a woman showed interest, the men would crowd around to flatter her and tell her how she’s going to make so much money.

If only schools taught their students to be aware of these things.

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Volunteering In Orphanages

While wanting to volunteer to brighten the lives of children is noble, it isn’t worth the trauma that the children experience once the volunteer to whom they’ve become attached leaves.

This video clip from a documentary by Sabour Bradley touches on that, but it also says that the orphanage industry in Cambodia tries to meet the demand of these ‘voluntourists’ by ensuring a stock of orphans is always available.

It also briefly mentions sex tourists, but doesn’t give any further information on the scale of that problem.

The full documentary is available to buy on Google Play or on iTunes.

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Compensated Dating in Japan

This report on compensated dating (enjo kousai) in Japan by Harry Fawcett of Al Jazeera  explains how teenagers receive payment of money or gifts in exchange for a ‘date’ with an adult. It mentions that a UN special rapporteur claimed that 13% of teenage girls have taken part in this activity – having lived in Japan and worked with adult men who were very open about their preference for having a teenage girlfriend, this figure does not surprise me. The report features Shihoko Fujiwara from Lighthouse; one of the leading experts in this area.


There’s also an excellent video by a vlogger named Mira that I highly recommend watching:

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U.S. Judge Passes Sentence of 5 Days for Downloading Child Porn

I’ve just read this article by Tracy Connor – Judge Gives Man 5 Days for Child Porn, Rails Against Harsh Sentences.

In a nutshell, U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein has sentenced a man from Brooklyn to 5 days incarceration for downloading two dozen photos and videos — some showing men sexually assaulting girls as young as 3 years old. The maximum sentence for the crime is 10 years.

In fact, I question whether it counts as a sentence at all because the 5 days were served before the perpetrator made bail.

I wondered why the judge was so lenient with his sentence on this CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) crime, and the explanation he gave was that it wouldn’t be fair to the perpetrator’s children to be without their father.

An academic gave a very interesting perspective on the ruling which I think deserves to be highlighted:

“I think Judge Weinstein’s opinion minimizes the harm that is done to victims of these crimes from the mere act of viewing their images. It’s a gross violation of privacy and an invasion of privacy that traumatizes them throughout their lives,” said Paul Cassel, a former federal judge who is now a law professor at the University of Utah.


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Big Data Provides Valuable Leads

Emily Kennedy, CEO of Marinus Analytics, has created a powerful tool to combat trafficking in persons. It’s called Traffic Jam.

The idea is simple – by searching through massive amounts of classified ads online, one may find clues as the identity of traffickers.

It’s possible that the same technology may be used to combat counterfeiting and terrorism.

Read more here.

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Job Opportunities in Counter-TIP

Looking for a job in counter-trafficking?

It’s good to know that this resource exists.

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