Child Pornography Laws in Japan

I wanted to know more about the child pornography laws in Japan, so I did a search and came across an article on Wikipedia. By the time I’d finished reading it, I was positively raging!

  • Today, the law permits the simple possession of child pornographic images if there is no intention of selling or distributing them.
  • In 2008, Toru Okumura, a Japanese lawyer, complained that no organization or government body supported the victims of child sexual exploitation, pointing out the fact that there is no government budget to care for these victims.
  • In Japan, considerable debate exists regarding the legality of simulated child pornography. Supporters of legal control of simulated pornography claim to be advocate the laws of human rights and children’s rights such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Opponents, such as the Japan Federation of Bar Associations also claims to be advocacy of the child rights pointed out the lack of evidence for commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and decreasing numbers in sexually motivated crimes.

A lack of evidence of CSEC?  I find that impossible to believe! One of my best friends went to an Internet café a few years ago and found, completely by chance, images of child sex abuse which a previous customer had put into a folder on the PC’s desktop. Of course, they may not count as CSEC as we don’t know if they were produced commercially. Perhaps the statement was only in relation to simulated child pornography? I knew a woman who was asked to write the lyrics for the soundtrack of a computer game in which one of the characters pulls out the front teeth of a 10 year old girl so he could more easily force her to phalate him before murdering her. According to a 2009 article in the Japan times, “Japan currently has no regulations on pornographic material if it is in the form of illustrations, anime or video game graphics — even if it depicts sexual abuse of children.”

If the law continues to protect the customers in the child sexual abuse industry, then there will always be a market for the producers and an unending stream of child victims. Is there something which I have not considered that is impeding the introduction of new legislation?

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