Global Issues Group – Who Are They?

I’ve come across several mentions of the Global Issues Group (GIG), but wasn’t able to find any website or contact information. A document issued by GIG gave no address or phone number, but I did manage to find one document which explained who they are.

The Global Issues Group (GIG) is an ad-hoc group convened in September 2001 by the major chocolate and cocoa industry companies and affiliated trade associations specifically to address the labor challenges in the cocoa sectors of West Africa as articulated in the Harkin-Engel Protocol. Its members are Cadbury, Ferrero, The Hershey Company, Kraft Foods, Mars Incorporated, Nestlé, ADM Cocoa, Barry Callebaut, and Cargill, with affiliated organizations including the National Confectioners Association of the U.S. (NCA); Association of the Chocolate, Biscuit and Confectionery Industries of the European Union (CAOBISCO); International Confectionery Association (ICA); European Cocoa Association (ECA); and the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).

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