Sex Education in Japanese Schools – Doesn’t Include Information on Human Trafficking?

In my last post, I asked how information on human trafficking is disseminated in the Japanese education system. I found some information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website which addresses sex education and advocacy activities as part of a report on the current situation with regard to prostitution:

In school education, efforts have been made aiming at further improving sex education, mainly through such subjects as physical education, health and physical education, science, home economics, moral education and special activities, so that pupils and students will acquire scientific knowledge on sex according to their developmental stages, understand the importance of life, have healthy views on the other sex based on the spirit of respecting human rights and gender equality, and be able to behave in the appropriate manner. Various measures have been propelled by way of making out guidance materials for teachers and holding various seminars.

In addition, the following activities have been conducted as a part of social education. Classes for education at home, that are held by various municipal authorities for parents, provide information for sex education at home and teach participants correct knowledge on sex. On the other hand, subjects concerning reproductive health rights such as matters related to pregnancy and birth are coming to be taken up in a class designed for newly married couples without children and couples during pregnancy.

It’s clear that someone has considered that children ought to be educated on the scientific aspects of sex and view it in a way that is deemed to be healthy. However, there is nothing in the above paragraphs which leads me to believe that children are warned about the people in the domestic sex industry who may try to lure or trick them into becomming sex workers. Although I haven’t yet seen proof that compensation dating involves sexual activity, I’m still wary enough to think it merits a mention.

Have I found a gap in the system? If I’m missing some important information, please let me know.

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