The Missing Children of Ulaanbaatar

I was talking with Ed Hannam, whose parents live in Mongolia, and he told me that there are thousands of street children in Ulaanaatar who went missing over a 12 month period. No one knows where they’ve gone, but there are rumours that they’ve been trafficked, possibly for organs. I mentioned it to a friend in Polaris Project Japan, but she hadn’t heard anything.

A couple of days ago, I spoke with another friend in Mongolia and she confirmed that such rumours exist in UB and that there are grounds to believe that children have been trafficked.

I’m sorry to say that my hands are rather full right now and I’ll have to wait until I can look into this in more depth.

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One Response to The Missing Children of Ulaanbaatar

  1. Thomas says:

    Go there. It sounds very mysterious and harrowing. But how can someone trace something like that?

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