Some Human Trafficking Statistics for Japan 2011

This is from the May 2012 newsletter from Polaris Project Japan

Human trafficking statistics in Fiscal Year 2011

The National Police Agency of Japan has released the statistics related to human trafficking. Unfortunately, the official statistics show just the tip of the iceberg. Polaris Japan’s hotline received 381 cases in 2011.

Released on February 2, 2012, from National Police Agency ( – in Japanese)

  • Police agencies in Japan dealt with 25 cases of human trafficking.
  • The number of victims was 25, and there were 33 perpetrators.
  • The number of victims decreased from 2010, but the number of cases and perpetrators increased.
  • Of 25 victims, Thai nationals were the majority (12 people).

Though they are not classified as trafficking cases in Japan, sexual exploitation of children under 18 is considered human trafficking even if it is unforced according to international treaties:

Released on February 23, 2012, from National Police Agency ( – in Japanese)

  • Number of cases originated from dating websites was 1,004, 2.0% decrease from 2010.
  • Victims under 18 years old: 282, an 11.0% increase from the previous year.
  • The majority of the cases were child prostitution, with 160 victims (56.7% of the total).
  • Number of cases originated from online communities (such as SNS) was 1,421, 7.8% decrease from 2010.
  • Victims under 18 years old were 1,085, 12.4% decrease from 2010.
  • The majority of cases were Prefectural Ordinance of Juvenile Protection violations (including sexual acts with youth), with 637 victims (58.7% of the total).

Polaris Project Japan 2011 Report & Goals for 2012

On April 7, Polaris Project Japan held an annual meeting and reported our 2011 activity report. Here are some interesting numbers…

  • 381….incoming cases through Polaris hotline in 2011.
  • 4,445….participated in seminars/talks/trainings by Polaris Japan.
  • 1/100…Shihoko Fujiwara, Polaris Project Japan Director, was chosen as one of “100 People Re-Building Japan” by AERA magazine. See the report (in Japanese) for more.

In 2012, we are expanding our activities, including a collaboration with an anti-human trafficking organization in South Korea. Please continue to support Polaris Project Japan!

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