– A Blog By An Escort Advertising Website

I’ve come across a blog called, which is made by a company that advertises escort services in Ireland online. It offers an alternative view on the sex industry to that of Ruhama – I recommend reading the post titled ‘Denmark and Ireland‘.

In another post, the main argument made against the criminalisation of buying sex is that “all sorts of men purchase sex for all sorts of reasons including loneliness, lack of social skills, comfort seeking, curiosity, alcohol-taken and sex addiction,” and that criminalising them could adversely affect their mental health by making them fearful of criminal charges and contracting a sexually transmitted disease. This is point of view was expressed by a doctor, Dr. Derek Freedman, who appeared before an Irish government committee as an expert, though I find it strange that a doctor with a 40 year urinary practice would discuss mental healthcare as an expert.

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