Mark Wilson’s Article on Trafficking in Indonesia

I read an excellent article on human trafficking in Indonesia by Mark Wilson which is probably the first I’ve come across which mentions how victims can be re-trafficked while efforts are being made to re-integrate them back into their old communities. Friends (including peers at school), neighbours and family members often play a role in this, so it isn’t purely the work of crime syndicates.

A 2011 IOM counter trafficking report said 31 percent of internal trafficking victims in Indonesia were recruited and trafficked by their friends.

“Cases where the trafficked become the traffickers are also common,” said Ahmed Sofian, national coordinator of anti-trafficking NGO ECPAT Indonesia. “Most cases are sex workers, who have themselves been trafficked into that industry but are then paid by their pimps to go back to their villages and schools to recruit their friends and family members.”

Victims can find themselves exploited in the sex, mining, agriculture, fishery and domestic servitude sectors.

Read the article – it covers a lot more than I’ve mentioned in this post.

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