How Many Victims of Human Trafficking Are There Worldwide?

It’s normal to see websites which claim that there are more than 27 million victims of human trafficking around the World, so when I see an article that cites a figure of 2.5 million, I think it’s worthy of a mention.

I’ve seen interviews with people from organisations who claim that the figures are around 30 million, but their definition of human trafficking is so broad that they include people whom the U.N. and Interpol wouldn’t consider to have been trafficked. Smuggling people across borders to work as prostitutes or labourers may appear to count as trafficking because the process is similar to drug trafficking or arms trafficking in concept, but if those people chose to be smuggled, then it’s not human trafficking in the U.N./Interpol sense.

No one actually knows the real number of victims, but I believe that 2.5 million is a more plausible (and less sensational) figure.

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